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'Moxicillian' music video out now!

Filmed @ Russell Industrial Center Detroit
after many moons, thy day has finally come

now back in time to the beginning.. Tuesday..may.12th..2020


“Once upon a time”


the moxie diaries”

vol-one // pg-one)

“ here lies The Moxie Jeane Diaries.. Join me on a journey documented in ink, scattered across pages.. curated especially for your hearing pleasures “

the purple- faux leather diary had embossed diligently on the front cover.

ooh sh*ttt, the paper is even thicc..aannd it’s bound together with care.” - i say outloud to myself - 

“i know exactly what i will use this book for”-a quiet thought follows through my head ]-

and thus this project of mine had begun..

here’s the deal.. this ep is formatted to tell a story, i highly recommend ya’ll listen from start to finish - •i’m really tickled pink with how well each track flows into each other• 

This “ep” idea really began in January of 2019.. I made a dream board that had a mock up ep concept ‘1920’- now I didn’t actually see that through but it wasn’t really about 1920 after all, it was about vowing to myself to take writing music seriously..

 now July of 2021 my dedication, passion for the craft has come to fruition better than i ever imagined. 

With that being said.. i have SO many amazing people to acknowledge their humble contributions to me and magick records for making alllll of this even say that I am blessed would be a severe understatement.. 

with that being said i want to express my gratitude to - 

jasmine Campbell and Neko for putting up with all our madness

Jamil Mustafaa 

George “Thrilla” Mathis 

Demo Jones 


Justin"Steez"Kennedy - Mads of MadGeorgeVisuals 

Adam Exh1le 

Anabolic beats 

Mom + Dad 

My older brother 

To my day 1 homie g’s Richard, Adam, Matteo, Jacob, TaeTae, Drue, y’all know who you are, thank you for the endless support thru all these years. 

Oakland Yard Athletics - Marty, Phillip, Patty, Kristine, Hyder, Tracy + the whole staff 

Mr. Fraylick + Mr. Pace 

Shit school system 


The triple moon goddess + all my angels 

I’d like to thank every single one of y'all that support, interact with my posts and stream my music. I’ve said it before a million times and I’ll say it a million more, 

It means the literal entire solar system to me. Thank you x infinite, love you long time. 

This album is dedicated to William Strausbaugh

rIP 1983 - 2020

without you I wouldn't have had the courage to complete this, so this is for you. 


March 2020 Update

MOXICILLIANS! I have been non-stop since "LEAVING THE PAST" has come out. I have somehow fallen into show production, which is insane. I record at The Hive Studios in Waterford, MI, owned by the most wonderful men, Paul Stepp and Jimmy Lively. In February we started discussing putting on a show at Oakland Yard (I've worked there since '19).  Oakland Yard (OYA) is conveniently located directly behind The Hive. Convivence has never been more real. After some talking with the wonderful owners of OYA, The Hive and I were able to book the venue for a show on May 1st, 2021.

Waterford has never hosted a show like this, and this will put us on the map. Paul(The MAN) has been able to book multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated, legend TWISTA! And also CHAINZ from Black Ink Crew! ALSO DJ THRILLA, host of the Shade 45 (yea, no big deal.) on the 1's and 2's. This show is about to be unforgettable and I am so blessed for The Hive Studios, Paul and Jimmy, and for OYA, Marty and Phillip for bestowing me with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Ticket information linked below. Hope to see y'all there. 



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