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♡The Moxie Jeane Diaries♡

                               My Story


                                  est.1997 - Detroit Baby



Noun - force of character, determination, or nerve.

Cameryn "Moxie Jeane" Andres was born on July 29, 1997 at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit, MI. Her father described her to hold tenacity at the start, rather than crying when she was delivered she roared like a lion. He knew right there and then that he had his hands full. When she was an infant her father and mother bought a house off of 9 mile in Southfield, MI on the edge of the Detroit City limits. Her childhood consisted of music, art and chaos. Her father belonged to the Scorpion Motorcycle Club (Detroit Chapter). The clubhouse located off of Fenkell Ave. She has fond memories of loud harleys, big parties and the blues. Moxie also had an older brother whom introduced her to Detroit’s bustling music scene, while her parents kept her grounded in classic rock and the blues. These influences led her to the music she writes today. Moxie Jeane has been drawing and writing since she could pick up a pencil. Her late grandmother introduced her to poetry at a young age, providing the background she needed for her music. Once in high school, she hung out with a group of boys that would freestyle every day and after discovering Kreyshawn it would inspire her to start rapping herself. From 15 to 22 she wrote 100’s of songs but lacked the confidence to release her music, because let’s face it, no one takes the white girl serious in hip hop. She was passionate about it though, writing music was truly her saving grace allowing her to let her feelings flow out in her rhymes, giving her a sense of peace and purpose in her chaotic life. The name Moxie Jeane was born from a few things, her first tattoo is the script Moxie on her left forearm, inspired from her mother’s late father whom always used to say “You got Moxie, Michelle” to her mother. Moxie is old slang from Brooklyn NY in the 1940’s. The Jeane is derived from her birth middle name “Jeanette”, she shortened it to Jeane inspired after Marilyn Monroe’s real name ‘Norma Jean’. On January 1, 2020 she lost a very important person in her life, a long time family friend whom she looked up to like as big brother figure in her life, he was in her life since she was about 3 or 4 years old. When Moxie lost him, the tragedy pushed her to finally record and release her music. Moxie Jeane is completely self taught. A one woman show. Moxie writes all her own music, does her own artwork and graphic design and promotion. Moxie’s biggest dream in life is to be able to help others through her music. To be a muse and inspiration to the younger generations. Moxie Jeane spreads a message of positivity, and perseverance. To beat all odds. Moxie might be a little white girl from Detroit but she packs a mighty punch. She puts the lit in little, literally. A true Lioness of her craft. Moxie describes always having this “in her bones” type feeling her entire life that she was meant for the spotlight. Moxie Jeane is a natural born leader and artist and will stop at nothing to make her dreams come true. It is my pleasure to introduce you to The Moxie Jeane Diaries - a story that has only just began. ♡