Our Vision 

A record company ran by woman, for women. A record company with integrity. Where women feel protected & respected to share their voice. A new generation label. 

“Picture this, a world where mystionignistic bullshit doesn’t exist.”

Our Mission

To end the misogyny in the modern day music industry. A place where women don’t have to rely on their sex appeal to climb any latter. We aim to celebrate women for not just their appearance but to celebrate the revolutionary minds of these women who’s impact on society, who will change the whole damn world. .

The Service We Provide

Contacts, studio connect, merch, show production, comfortability and professionalism, music production, appearances, music videos, management, graphic designing, social media

The Minds Vehind Magick Records


Meet Moxie Jeane & Jazzy Minx.

Magick Records started with two purple Faygo’s & two tenacious young women determined to end the misogyny in the music industry still heavily prevalent today.

I and Jazzy Minx spent years chasing dead end studio avenues. Meetings with men always start promising, but quickly ending with the same bullshit, “Oh, yeah we’ll get you in the booth working but *gripping your thigh*,you gotta take care of me first.” - Sou

nds dramatic I know, but this is the real adversity and lack of respect women in the music world today face daily. 

Jazzy Minx and I realized very quickly that we had to

 do something for these talented, intelligent, courageous women struggling to be taken seriously. The vision of Magick Records is to be a safe haven for female artists to feel protected & respected. We are set on changing industry standards and to create an unstoppable Empire

Now let’s look at the meaning behind both Jazzy Minx’s and I’s name, as their meanings perfectly sum up what Magick Records stands for.

Moxie mox·​ie | \ ˈmäk-sē courage,determination, &   

   nerve. Know-How,energy/pep.

Ex:”It takes … moxie to pull up roots and go to a land where the culture and probably the language are totally foreign”

— M. J. McClary

(Jazzy)Minx /miNGks/ an impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman.

Ex:"You saucy little minx!"

With our two energies combined we create an unstoppable force of feminine power. We are passionate about creating a brand for women powered by women. A place where a powerful voice is respected regardless of gender.

While we are currently in the process of gathering investors & sponsors to open Magick Records studios. We are building our foundation, so while we are preparing to open, we currently offer the trusted studio connects that Jazzy & I have spent years searching for.

The entire purpose of Magick is to creating meaningful opportunities for women of all kind to express themselves fully with complete transparency. Jazzy Minx and I are determined to make Moxie Jeane & Magick Records a household name that will launch powerful, intelligent, and conscious women in the music industry and the arts for generations to come

It is time for us women to take our power back and weave it into Magick. The High Priestess’s job is to do her part to help humanity & make this world a better place. Cast a brighter future for our daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces, and grandmother’s.

 Our ancestors chose us to break generational curses; Not only for ourselves but for every little girl that ever had a dream. We are taking our power back - full of Magick we co-create with the Universe to make a better reality. 

Bless x

Moxie Jeane & Jazzy Minx

Founding Ceo & President Magick Records llc